Getting You Moving Again

Specializing in providing customized physical therapy

If you have ever had a stroke, joint injury or some other condition that caused you to lose some or all of your functional movement, you were most likely referred to a clinic. Eagle Center Physical Therapy is not your average clinic.  Our team has the qualifications and experience to treat an extensive range of conditions. We have an impeccable reputation as the best physical therapy clinic in Eagle River, AK.

  • General and sports orthopedics
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Work related injuries
  • Pre- and post- surgical
  • trigger point dry needling
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Chronic or acute injuries
  • Kinesio taping
  • Sports/running injuries

Call Eagle Center Physical Therapy today to make an appointment or visit our physical therapy clinic in Eagle River. Our goal is to help improve how each individual functions during their daily routine.

The Leading clinic of physical therapists in Eagle River, AK

Our treatment techniques in Eagle River are based on proven scientific research, clinical experience and continuing education. At Eagle Center Physical Therapy, we offer quality services and treatments.

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